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Contact Us

For questions, contact us via email at: ... Namfon.Suktawee@Gmail.com . or . Namfon_Suktawee@Yahoo.com

You can also contact us via Facebook Chat: ... https://www.facebook.com/Namfon.Suktawee

namfon suktawee ... namfon suktawee

Above are two pictures of our CEO: Namfon Suktawee; and below you can see photos of our workshop and team.

Scrap Metal Art Thailand was established in 2012 and creates life size Animal Art sculptures (Dragons, Dinosaurs, Lions, Bulls) and Superhero statues (Star Wars, Transformers, Avengers, Aliens, Terminators) for sale; all custom made metal art, ranging from 1m to 8m in size.

Since December 2023 all our welding equipment is powered by a large SOLAR PANEL array; creating true Green Recycled Metal Art!

Most statues consist of only 5 parts and are easily (dis)assembled via tube/socket connections in less then 15 minutes.
All statues are weather protected, stand very stable without bolting, and all projects have a money back guarantee.
Statues are shipped worldwide, with testimonials from Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Laser Game Halls, Restaurants etc.
For more information about ordering our recycled metal art from Thailand, please check the order info page, or send us an email.

scrap metal art thailands workshop
Our workshop.

scrap metal art thailands team
Our team.

Scrap Metal Art Thailand
145/1 Moo 10, Tha Takiap
Chachoengsao province
24160 Thailand
Email: Namfon.Suktawee@Gmail.com . or . Namfon_Suktawee@Yahoo.com
Facebook Chat:...https://www.facebook.com/Namfon.Suktawee

Our workshop is only a 2 hour drive from Bangkok, located in the beautiful Thai mountain countryside.

Below is a Google Maps screen shot; it is zoomable on most mobile phones.
Just click the picture, and you will be redirected by Google to Google Maps, showing the fastest route from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport to our workshop. You can also find us on Google Maps by simply querying for the words Scrap Metal Art Thailand.
For other route planners then Google Maps: our GPS coordinates are: latitude: 13.491305, and longitude: 101.68173

Scrap Metal Art Thailand on Google maps