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customized scrap metal statues with LED's

Company Summary:
- Scrap Metal Art Thailand was established in 2012 and creates life size Animal Art sculptures and Superhero statues for sale.
- Since December 2023 all our welding equipment is powered by a large SOLAR PANEL array; creating true Green Recycled Metal Art!
- Most statues consist of only 5 parts and are easily (dis)assembled via tube/socket connections in less then 15 minutes.
- All statues are weather protected, stand very stable without bolting, and all projects have a money back guarantee.
- Statues are shipped worldwide, with testimonials from Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Laser Game Halls, Restaurants etc.

Custom Design:
We can make any custom design metal statue, ranging from 1 meter to 8 meter height (or length) in size.
Examples of custom design include LED (or laser) lighting in the eyes of the statues (see photos above), or a unique dragon with 2 heads (see our animal art page), or our unique movie theme based furniture.
A 1 meter sized statue is made in 2 weeks time, a 2 meter statue takes 4 weeks time, and a 6 meter statue is made in 12 weeks time.
We have enough staff (as we can use staff from 4 partner workshops, with a total of over 50 artists) to make a dozen life size statues at the same time, in one month. Any custom design request is followed by us to the greatest detail; you can think it, we can make it, in steel.

Statue Weight and Assembly:
A 100cm statue weighs about 60-90 kilos, a 200cm statue about 350-400 kilos, and a 300cm statue 500-550 kilos, depending on design.
Our android-like statues consist of 5 parts (lower body with legs connected, chest piece, 2 arms, and head).
These 5 parts connect via simple tube/socket connections; a lifesize statue can be assembled (or dis-assembled) easily by 3 men in less then 15 minutes.
Regarding the weight and assembly steps, for instance for a 2 meter statue: the lower body weighs about 160-200 kilos.
After the lower body is tilted into a standing position, the chest (100 kilos), arms (40 kilos each) and head (15 kilos) can next be lifted and clicked readily into position via the tube/socket connection.
No screws, bolts or nuts are needed; it is simply "click and place". Dis-assembly also is very easy.

Quality Control:
When making a statue we send detailed photos every 10 days, so all people involved in the project can keep exact track of progress.
When a statue is finished it is polished, painted (when required) and sprayed with a top quality acrylic lacquer so it can be placed outdoors without problems. When the statue is placed outdoors, we recommend to spray a new lacquer layer every 2 years. In case the statue has been painted, the paint will last for at least 5 years in the outdoors. When the statue is placed inside, it will last for eternity; your great-grandchildren will enjoy it.
On statue completion, dozens of high resolution (700Kb-1MB) detailed photos from all angles are sent, for statue final approval, before shipping.
Our statues stand very stable, with the lowest possible center of gravity, and are made to last for decades; standing rock solid. They can stand on any flat flooring, no special stabilization cables or bolts are required. The statues are also made child-friendly, without sharp edges.

Shipping cost via sea, worldwide, port to port is about 20-25% of statue price. Shipping cost via air (port to port) is about 40-45% of statue price. Shipping time to USA/Europe is 4 weeks via sea, to Australia/Middle East via sea 3 weeks, and worldwide via air 2-3 days.
We use several shippers in the region, depending on client requirements; rest assured we only use the best shippers.
Our shipments are fully insured, and can be done port to port or door to door, or EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU/DAP or any other way required.
We also allow for third party shipping; some of our clients use their own shipper; no problem.
To get an idea about packing size: a 2m statue packs into a 3 CBM (cubic meter) box, a 3m statue into 5 CBM, and a 6m statue requires about 25-30 CBM (depending upon design).
Note that port to port (CIF) shipping fees include all so-called "port of origin" costs, meaning they include pickup cost at the atelier, packaging in wooden crates, transport from forwarder to the shipping port, container loading, customs handling, fumigation, Xray (USA only), documentation clearance, marine cargo insurance premium, and sea container transport to the port of destination. In case of door to door (DDU/DAP) shipping, the fees are detailed and billed separately by the forwarder. These fees include the "port of destination" (also called "export charge") costs, like import duties/taxes, customs and broker handling, and port-to-door trucking costs.

Project Start Deposit:
To start a project, a 50% deposit is required, which is fully refundable. Scrap Metal Art Thailand uses this 50% deposit to pay for the material costs as well as 50% of the staff fee for the project. During the course of the project, detailed pictures of the statue construction will be taken every 10 days so the client can keep exact track of progress. When the statue is ready, a dozen high-resolution pictures (from many angles) of the statue will be sent to the client, for approval of the statue.
The remaining 50% deposit is to be sent on statue approval and before statue pickup and shipping by the forwarder.
On shipment, scanned copies of all shipping documents (as shipping is done with a "surrendered" bill of lading) will be emailed to the consignee.

Money Back Guarantee:
All our statues come with a full money back guarantee. In case the photos of the finalized statue (sent to our clients for final statue approval, before shipping) are not according to what is expected, we will first try to adapt the statue to match all requirements, but in case the client is still not satisfied, we will send back the 50% deposit (the project start deposit, see section on "project start deposit" above).
We are confident in this money back guarantee, as most of our metal welding artists have over 5 years experience, and we always go the extra mile for our clients with each project.

- 10% discount for 2 statues of similar size,
- 15% discount for 3-5 statues of similar size,
- 20% for 6-10 statues of similar size, and
- 25-30% for over 10 statues of similar size.

Clients Testimonials:
We have two ROYAL references; please check page: Client Testimonials
We shipped to many countries: we have top references from CEO's of large companies in the USA/Europe/Middle East/Asia; please check our testimonials page.

Pricing and Contact Info:
Our android (predator, alien, transformer and alike) statues are priced by the height of the statue, and our furniture and vehicle statues by the length. Sitting animals (like dragons or dogs) are priced per statue height, and standing animals (like bulls or elephants) per statue length.
Between projects we sometimes make statues for stock and for direct sale; please check our "Statues in Stock" page.
When you are interested in a custom statue, please send us photos of the statue(s) you would like to order, the required size(s) and the city of destination, and we then will make a detailed quotation for you right away.
For questions or a price enquiry please contact us via our Contact Page
You can also contact us via Facebook, also via our contact us page.

Contact us at Namfon.Suktawee@Gmail.com or Namfon_Suktawee@Yahoo.com